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Dr. Tillman, I appreciate your invite to the Celestial Healing Clinic.   I was very tense and tight and even had pain in my lower body (which you felt and said before I could tell you).  Your energy was able to draw it out and by the time I left the Clinic, I was pain free.  The other thing I noticed, even as I wind down from the day, was how calm and relaxed I was.  I didn’t fuss/cuss at all the DC traffic, bikers,  or pedestrians like normal.  Lol  Thank you for the awesome and amazing healing experience and I look forward to attending your guided workshops.

- C Marie Henderson


I had been feeling out of alignment for a couple of years prior to the traumatic event in my life. After this life changing event i was really lost, confused, and didn’t really know my left from my right – sort to speak. So I began the journey of trying to find a healing and wellness coach….I was just seeking clarity. I googled and a list of providers flooded the page. I asked God to direct me to the one that could help me and I was led to Totally Rorree. I called immediately and set up an appointment. To my surprise Rorree answered the phone, listened briefly to my story and by the next week I was meeting her personally.

Rorree is excellent at what she does. She addressed every problem that I was experiencing – and boy was it a lot. What I liked most is that she met me with a smile, she engaged me with laughter, and she worked with me in love.  I could tell that she genuinely wanted me to be at my best. I MUST say that just after one session with Rorree I felt better, I spoke better, my outlook is better and I feel like I’m on my way. I remember saying the day after my first meeting with Rorree, “this is the second day that I have felt this great in 3 months!” That’s how bad it had gotten, I could count the good days on one hand. Thank you Rorree for sharing your gift. I am committed to doing the work -yes, ALL the homework you have assigned. (Lol) And most off all, I feel like the days ahead will be my best days.

- Dr. Wanda W.


I have had the opportunity to work with Rorree through her meditation and during private healing sessions with her.  I received a diagnosis of cancer and have decided to work on my healing naturally and through alternative healing methods.  I have noticed that after Rorree works on me, my tumors reduce in size and they become softened.  In addition to working on the cancer, we have worked on other situations and I have found her intuitive guidance and coaching life changing.  I look forward to our sessions each week as she walks with me on this journey to healing.

- Nusaiba Legacy Jackson


I had the opportunity to experience working with Rorree practicing ujjayi breath and bhastricka pranayama.  I felt relaxed and relieved of pain.  I also experienced an increase in energy.  I enjoyed Rorree’s energy.

- Rafael Wells


Rorree, When I first saw you speak, I was always taken by the energy you gave. Your words were always so life giving and heart felt. You were speaking my language and although we didn’t immediately connect, or spirits did.

After being led to call you when I was faced with a negative situation, although you and I had never spoken. I knew you were the person I was supposed to talk to. I was amazed at the words that you had spoken. They were words of life, encouragement, and power. After speaking to you, I not only felt our spirits were connected, but I found someone that I could identify with who not only spoke my language, shared the same gift, but someone who was seasoned and knew how to operate in her gift.
Although I was moved by the spirit in which you operated. I realize you had tapped into a realm that I had never visited. You had taken the time to study and learn about your God given gift and how to operate in its full potential when I had not. Some of the things I saw you practice, although at first I thought was quite different. I now understand fully.
Although I was looking for something different when I attended your workshop, I realized I got something far greater than I ever imagined. As I listened to you speak and share your hearts desires to the group, how to overcome life’s difficult challenges, and how to speak and visualize that which you desire. I witnessed firsthand your desires come to light just within months. Seeing is definitely believing. I realized that if it worked for you, it can no doubt work for me. I was then thoroughly convinced that you were no doubt gifted and a messenger from God.

- Denise Martin, Author & Speaker


I love Rorree’s motivational and personal development materials. I met Rorree in 2006 at a Natural Health Expo in Dallas, TX where we both had a booth. She was marketing her wellness center and I was marketing the Young Living essential oil line. We have remained connected since then.

- Kathaleen May


I experienced the opportunity to release the stress that I was carrying all day.  I felt relaxed after the first five minutes.  I loved the feeling of being able to redirect energy and pain.  I am looking forward to more experiences to let me release so much in my life and begin to have more happier days.

- Adrianne Lawrence


I had the opportunity to experience working with Rorree and I felt relieved and experienced total relaxation.  I loved her flow and I felt the pain in my hip releasing.  I look forward to more meditation with Rorree.

- Cynthia Sinclair


When I met Ms. Tillman, I did not have a job and I was not sure of what I wanted to do with my life. I attended her Recipe for Prosperity program and her meditation workshops and the tools I mastered have remained with me years later. Over the years I have been able to consult with her a number of times on personal and business maters and I have found her expertise to be on point and right on time. Recently I was able to give back to her with some online marketing tips. I have always respected and admired Rorree and I will always appreciate the impact she has had on my life.

- Tiana Burse, Author, Marketing Expert

My experience Rorree Tillman’s course, Recipe For Prosperity, has been a revelation of enlightenment, transformation and reinvigoration. During my first day of this retreat I was on heavy medication for congestive heart failure. I was slightly dizzy and wasn’t sure I could even participate in the class. However, during this class I gained not only deep insight into the inner-workings of my mind, but I somehow summoned the strength to not only engage in the class for a few hours, but for the length of the two day event. I learned strategies, tactics and tools to relase harmful, tense and damaging energy and replace all of them with enabling energy. In addition, I was armed with an array of health and wealth building tools that undoubtedly will fuel many years of successful endeavors.

- Oscar Wright


I experienced intense tension releasing from my body, especially in my right foot.  First my back pain left and then I started getting a searing pain in my right foot.  However, I followed Rorree’s meditative guidance and in less than a minute I had an explosive release and now my body feels free from the stiffness.

- Yanick Webster

Recipe for Prosperity changed my life. Rorree Tillman is exceptionally gifted in helping you realize who you really are. In life things that are unseen control things that are viable. Recipe for Prosperity was designed to teach you how to get inside yourself to tap into your personal power, where the good and perfect you reside, where your quality of life is waiting to be revealed. The desires of your heart are already in you. We have in us the things we need to combat the fast pace negative influences of the world in which we live. Recipe for Prosperity will teach you how to have what you want out of life to include happiness, fulfillment, peace and joy. You are not lacking in anything you were created to have. All of our hearts desires are within us. Tap into yourself and discover all the prosperity that you deserve.

- Herbert White


I am a mother of three beautiful children and married in principle, but with respect to moral and financial support, I am like a lone ranger. I had to work two jobs just to ensure that food, shelter and transportation were taken care of. Things were rough, however I knew there was a better way.

Under the leadership of Rorree Tillman, I have learned so much in leadership, self development, accountability, and money management skills, plus so much more. To any woman who can relate to my situation, I suggest that you plug into her programs and allow yourself to be coached every step of the way and follow her steps to success.

- Maria Cannon Sacramento, CA


In a marvelous way Rorree Tillman has found a way to identify and open up the personal ingredients of my life, through meditative and reflective exercises, allowing me to extricate and then discard those barriers, limitations, and obstacles that have been counterproductive to my holistic personal spiritual evolution. Thanks Rorree for bringing all of the elements together. No one should miss the opportunity to take this amazing workshop.

- Dr. Jerome C. Crighton, D. Min., Ph.D.


I had the opportunity of experiencing Rorree’s gifts one day at work. We were talking and I shared that I had been having headaches for several days. After a couple of light touches and a few breaths, my headache was gone. On top of that, to my surprise, she shared some things with me, from that brief encounter, that my doctor told me just the day before. I was disappointed that we were in the office because I wanted to experience more. I look forward to receiving more. Thanks Rorree.

- Rochelle Wheeler


I have known Rorree for a little over three years and she has truly been a inspiration in my life. Rorree sends me inspirational messages every morning and her encouraging words and healing have definitely had a major impact in my life. What a friend. Thank you Rorree for being my friend.

- Emmanuel Woodfork

Barbara Pettie Pic 2

Rorree I’ll take this time to say “THANK YOU” to YOU for all of your support and words of encouragement, actual strategies that work and just being there with an ear if ever I needed to talk to someone. You’re an awesome person and a great friend…Love You : )

- Barbara Pettie


Rorree I’m loving your positive words. It brings me back to when we did business together. I learned so much from you. Your trainings were very valuable and they enabled me to start Mother Natures Organics. Keep the positive affirmations flowing.

- Viana Henry Owner, Mother Natures Organics Sacramento ,CA


I have known Rorree for many years, and I am always amazed at her abilities to intuitively know what’s going on and to help heal. Although I have sought her counseling for many issues, there are two physical healing experiences that stand out. The first was when I fell down my front porch stairs. I had sprung both knees and ankles, and had been on crutches for 3 weeks when I saw Rorree. By then, my right leg was able to bear weight, although it was still tender. However, my left leg did not heal so well. After 3 weeks, I still couldn’t bear weight on it. I had visited the doctor two days prior, and was given a time period of another month with the crutches. The day I saw Rorree, she performed her energy healing work on both legs. The next day I was down to one crutch, and by the end of the week, crutch free. The second experience was with my daughter who had been diagnosed with Bi-Polar. I had long since felt that there was more that was going on with my daughter than just the medical diagnosis. Rorree held a few counseling sessions with my daughter, and determined that there was something in her space that didn’t allow her to speak how she felt. My daughter even suffered from a speech impediment. So, it was Rorree’s assessment that a lot of the aggression that we were experiencing was coming from that vs. the Bi-Polar. Rorree helped me and my daughter to clear the unproductive energy out of my daughter’s space through energy clearing work and meditation. After that, my daughter was able to clearly articulate her emotions and thoughts. That was a pivotal point in helping us better address how to handle my daughter. Now she could speak her mind, versus having to get violent because no one “got” her. If it wasn’t for Rorree’s work, I don’t believe I would have my happy and healthy baby like I do now. Rorree is a Godsend, and my family’s life is so much better because of her guidance.

- Nikki Webster


My experience with Rorree as a healer has been unlike any experience I have ever experienced. My first healing was about 16 years ago. Rorree taught me how to meditate and release negative energy while ensuring my space was protected. At this time I was a new Manager of over 36 people and was always feeling weighed down. As Rorree taught me sometimes people’s negative energy is released in your space and it is critical to know how to protect yourself. I learned how to mentally build a barrier to block negative energy!!! It was phenomenal. I noticed my energy level soar and I started feeling like my old self again. In 2009 my knee was getting increasingly worse and going up and down the steps was becoming harder and harder. I am a Licensed Real Estate Agent and walking up steps was a daily part of my job. After speaking with Ms. Tillman she came over (yes she made a house call) and healed my knee. This was a new experience for me and I was a little apprehensive in the beginning however let me say I have not experienced any additional issues with my knee since!!! I instantly became a believer. Let’s fast forward to 2013. I had been having this weird pain going through my leg. I called Rorree and she instantly knew what needed to be done. We started with meditation, Rorree then gave me step by step instructions on what needed to be done to eliminate the shooting pain through my leg. Within 15 minutes of me completing the necessary steps that were given to me the pain started to subside. By the end of the day the pain was gone. These sessions not only have healed my physically they have also expanded my spiritual journey allowing me to open up my mind, body, and spirit to receive the message, and healing that I needed at that time.

- Sharon Jackson, Real Estate Agent


The reality is, Ms. Tillman’s teachings have changed my life. The person I’ve become, the things I’ve accomplished, and the lives I’ve touched over the past three and a half years, are all attributed to the awesome leadership of Ms. Tillman.

- Janneh Frost, MBA, Financial Consultant